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Oukerui attended the China-Germany molding training seminar

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May 12, 2016, by sponsored by Hubei Province, die & Mold Industry Association, Ningbo City Die & Mold Industry Association, Kunshan City mould industry association . China-Germany molding training seminar in Kunshan Crown International Exhibition Hotel officially opened, our sent backbone personnel went to take part in the training. During the training, our backbone of the elite and the company's technical staff friendly talks, exchange business cards, on the European Corey brand publicity, the visibility of the ascension, played a very good role in promoting.

The training of the theme is "multi bag, plastic bag, gas assisted and metal inlay pieces of the application of injection mold", which is divided into two pieces of content to tell. First of all, the lecturer told the meeting of all the technical overview, including: multi component injection molding technology, multi color mode technology, plastic injection molding technology, gas assisted injection molding technology, etc.. Secondly, the demonstration of multi injection molding technology - rotary table solution. It also describes the design guidelines and design methods in detail, and the classification of the cost reduction effects of special processes.




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