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Cooperative services

Scope of application

The company's production and sales of Ningbo o'kerui Co., Ltd. models of products.

Service objectives

Perform the standard on-site installation and debugging, provide the product operation and maintenance training, solve the faults and problems encountered in the use of the product in a timely and effective manner, and ensure the customer's satisfaction and ease of use of the product.


technical service

Product technology and use training

The installation and maintenance personnel shall visit the user training site, install and debug the products, and give the user a technical and use training on relevant products to guide the user to use them correctly.


Product upgrade service

If the company upgrades the software of a certain type of product, the after-sales service specialist will inform the user in time and be responsible for contacting and handling the corresponding upgrade affairs.


Relevant provisions of after sales service commitment

1. Acceptance scope of warranty and replacement: only applicable to product quality problems arising from operation in strict accordance with the requirements of product manual and installation guide;

2. Warranty: during the stated warranty period, the company shall bear all the spare parts and service costs incurred by repairing the products for the use of image products due to poor design, technology and materials;

3. Replacement: during the specified product replacement period, for products that cannot be repaired by warranty service, after mutual confirmation of both parties, we will provide customers with various fees and services including product replacement free of charge;

4. Lifelong maintenance: establish after-sales service files for sold products, provide free warranty service within the warranty period, and provide paid maintenance and repair service for products beyond the warranty period;

5. Calculation date of warranty period: the warranty period of goods starts from the date of acceptance.


After sales service details


After sales response and response cycle

Telephone support: provide unified after-sales service hotline (0086-574-63975388). The after-sales service specialist shall record, confirm and archive the fault conditions described by the user at any time, and provide relevant technical support within 1 hour after the first call to help the user speed up the problem.

Fax and email support: provide unified after-sales service line fax (0086-574-63510303) and special email( ), will provide 24-hour response service to the letter, and help the user to deal with problems in a timely manner according to the bad product information provided by the user.

Professional service: the product specialist can guide the user's operation by telephone at any time, and answer all kinds of professional questions raised by the user in the use process.

On site maintenance: if the product fault needs to be solved on site, the company's installation and maintenance engineer will arrive at the place designated by the customer within 48 hours after confirming the product fault and provide on-site maintenance treatment.

Repair service: if the product fault needs to be returned to the factory for inspection and repair, the user can send the fault parts or products to the headquarters of the company according to the guidance of the product manual, maintenance manual or after-sales service web page. After the product is repaired, the company will send it back to the customer in time.

Emergency substitution: if the response period of product failure treatment affects the user's project progress, the company will provide emergency response of the same model or similar products for the user on the basis of simple agreement.


Bidding service commitment

In addition to the above-mentioned standard after-sales services, the bidding products of the company provide the following services:

1. Ensure that the products provided are brand-new, qualified and meet the requirements of the bidding document, and provide the technical data (Chinese user manual, installation guide, special tools and other quality certification materials) of all the winning products;

2. Be responsible for delivering to the place designated by the customer, free installation, debugging, training, and performing the necessary procedures such as customer acceptance as agreed in the bidding procedure;

3. If the relevant commitments in the company's tender document are different from those in this letter of commitment, the tender document shall prevail.


After sales contact

Ningbo aokerui connector Co., Ltd

Tel: 0086-574-63975388

Fax: 0086-574-63510303


Address: No.185, songding Road, North Industrial Park, Xiaolin Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province