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corporate culture


Corporate culture concept

Enterprise tenet: grow together and share success

We grow together with our employees, realize their pursuit of career, self affirmation and self transcendence -- create opportunities for them

We grow together with our customers and share with them the joy brought by asset appreciation -- creating value for our customers

The partners grow together, share resources, complement each other's advantages, and build a brilliant future together

We grow together with the society, promote the national economic development, revitalize the progress of national science and technology -- create benefits for the society

Enterprise spirit: innovation, pragmatism, dedication and efficiency

Innovation is the soul of the company and the eternal driving force for the development of the enterprise

Tell the truth, offer the practical measures, do the practical work and achieve the actual results

Respect and respect your career, treat it with respect and piety, and regard your career as your vocation

Do it as soon as you want, quickly absorb, change and act


Business policy

Guided by market, led by products and sales, supported by brands and services, and based on technology research and development

management model

Human centered. Employees are the owners of the company. Work is for the growth of the company and individuals. At the same time, work better is also to reflect their own value

Performance oriented, comprehensive evaluation of employees from three aspects of morality, ability and performance

Pay attention to the construction of institutionalization, process and standardization

Attach importance to resource integration, including technical resources, market resources and human resources

Efficiency principle and satisfaction principle


我们的人才观Our view on Talents

Our people are all talents, regardless of education background and age

People who can promote the development of the company, create benefits for the company and take the company as their own business

Talents are our most precious wealth

Talents promote the development of the company. The development of the company provides broader space and better conditions for the development of employees

Based on the company's common goal and overall image, the company advocates the development of personality

Pursue interesting work, like-minded colleagues, healthy body, open mind, optimistic and upward spirit

Thoughts on human resource management

Mission: to build a learning organization and provide a stage for all talents who want to do something and have the ability to play their talents

Position analysis, evaluation and salary

Capability model and performance management

Core team management and training

Human resource demand and recruitment strategy

The key to our sustainable development is to attract and encourage outstanding talents to give full play to their potential;

To adapt to the rapid changes is the objective requirement of the Internet age for talents. Only by persisting in learning, continuous development and improvement can we keep up with the pace of the development of the times. 



Company code of conduct

Be honest and respect each other

Rigorous and realistic, professional spirit

Pay attention to public morality and observe discipline and law

Self management, professional ethics

Effective communication, understanding and cooperation

Customer first, quality first

Initiative cooperation, team spirit

Improve performance and save cost

Solve problems and dare to make decisions

Enterprising and self-development

Innovation and responsibility


Company philosophy

Cooperation concept: team first, mutual priority

Management idea: the restriction of culture edification system

Philosophy: honesty, diligence and thrift

Concept of learning and growth: concept based rapid learning, targeting, positioning and rapid growth

Business operation concept: project management system promotion

The concept of partner: transposition thinking and service first