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industry connect, also known as industrial plugs and sockets, have been widely used in the field of industrial
the industrial connector is very important to the development of industry.
Booth:11-D102 Time: May 29, 2018 - June 1st Add: Milan new exhibition center, Italy
How do you use the regenerator for the heavy duty connector? Oukerui's needle withdrawing device has two kinds, one is for the 10A needle withdrawing device for cold pressing.
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         Ningbo Oukerui Connector Co.,ltd. is a modern professional manufacturer enterprise of heavy duty connectors in research, production and sales . Oukerui always adopts customers sincere advice from various business area and absorbs the international advanced technology and design conception .With the R&D support and hardworking and customer oriented, we provide personalized offer which enables the cultivation in products and gain plenty of certificates in Technology and Patent.

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