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The importance of industrial connectors


The connection between man and man depends on the connection, and the connection between the industrial equipment depends on the connector. The connection between mechanical and mechanical, mechanical and non mechanical is realized through the industrial connector, so the industrial connector is very important to the development of industry.

With the development of science and technology, people's quality of life is becoming more and more high, television, telephone, computer and other electronic products have gradually become popular in people's daily life, so the connector is also widely used. As long as there are electronic products in the family, connectors are usually used.

In power plants, especially in Outdoor Switchgear, industrial connectors play their unique performance. It is often exposed to the environment of solar radiation, wind, dust, rain and ice, providing a safe connection for control cabinet.

On the robot, it can not be separated from the connector. Because of the existence of industrial connectors, robots are easier to operate and facilitate automation.

In the production links, such as the 3-5 axis machining centers, boring, milling and drilling machines used for CNC control, the multi axis linkage CNC system can not be separated from the connector, and the USB, TCP/IP network DNC processing and data transmission are opened.

In fact, lathes, plastic processing machines, printing machines, metal processing and wood processing machines, electric cranes, equipment for producing semiconductors, food, and beverage processing and packaging machines all use industrial connectors to connect the power, signal and data machines.



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