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industry connect | oukerui connector

industry connect, also known as industrial plugs and sockets, have been widely used in the field of industrial distribution because of its features of waterproof and dustproof. The main function is power connection, transmission and distribution.

industry connect are generally divided into 3 cores, 4 cores and 5 cores. Current is generally divided into 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A and so on. The protection level can be divided into two kinds, IP44 and IP67, which are more conventional for these. The general situation is used with industrial sockets and industrial connectors.

Material and characteristics of industrial connector

Shell: waterproof plug and socket products are made of imported high quality plastic (halogen free). Under normal use, it can reach 90 degrees without deformation, and -40 C technology index is unchanged.

Plastic core: waterproof plug, socket series of products core all use fireproof plastic (no halogen) material. In the normal working environment under high temperature 120 DEG C. In the flame retardant test (850 centigrade scorching hot wire), there is no visible flame, no continuous glow, the silk paper does not fire, and the flame is extinguished and the glow is extinguished in 30 seconds after the hot wire is removed.Inserting and inserting: with high quality imported copper material, it has good inserting function and anticorrosion function. Over current and pressure resistance have reached the advanced level of the country.

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