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May 13, 2016 Italy customers to visit our company


The warm summer of May, every corner of the summer breath is deep in Cixi, give a person warmth. In such a warm morning, from two of Italy's most important clients to our visit, our general manager and related person in charge of the enthusiasm of the received from a close friend of Italy.

During the inspection, both their basic situation made brief introduction, to our production capacity, product quality, business and management, and further cooperation of communication and consultation. Among them, our product quality and management system won the customer great recognition.

With the European Corey connector on the international influence continues to expand, the accumulation of good popularity and reputation also makes Ou Kerui connector in all continents of the market received welcome. The two guests come to visit our company, in addition to gain more business relations of cooperation, also for our production, business and management have more understanding, cooperation between the two sides of the belief is reinforced.



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